Monday, March 16, 2009

Mrs. B's Journal Prompt: Spring

"What does spring mean to me? New beginnings? The start of a new garden? School is drawing closer to an end for the year? Getting back to nature as the weather grows warmer?"

To me, yes Spring does mark new beginnings. There's nothing like the beginning of Spring to make someone feel refreshed after a harsh winter. I love that first warm day when I can drive around with my window down, and feel the gentle breeze brush against my face. I love when the flowers begin to bloom, and add a whole new pallet of colors to nature. I love seeing all the animals that have come out of hibernation.

This year I'd like to plant a garden. It's something I've always wanted to do, but never got around to it. I already have some seeds sweet williams and snap dragons. I think I'd also like to try growing some herbs so I don't have to buy them anymore. I'm really getting into herbalism this year. I've been trying to strengthen my connection with nature and now that Spring is coming, I'm filled with motivation. I would like to start going green: recycle, use natural cleaners, etc.

I want to start my spring of with a bang this year. I'm actually going to do a ritual for Ostara. I'm also going to use Mrs. B's idea for eggs. I want to dye them and put herbs in them to keep as charms for the year.

I hope this Spring will be a happy time in my life and in everyone else's as well.


  1. I love spring so much! It just feels so fresh and new, like you might be able to do anything!

    Growing herbs is such a great way to start a garden. Even if it's inside, on a window sill :O)

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